Weaver’s Connect + Sustainability

Exemplified by the Kamdhenu, a symbol of Tulsi Madras’s ethos, giving back to society has been the backbone of our mission and that starts with the vibrant community of weavers and artisans that work with us. 

We believe in nurturing a synergetic and trust-based relationship with our artisan community and ensuring and encouraging good business practices.

We’re proud to work with highly skilled artisans and wish to give them a space to realise their creative visions while ensuring a steady stream of income for their holistic development. As the world grapples with the pandemic, we have sought to support artisans and craftsmen to ensure a steady source of revenue and create social sustainability.

Celebrating the artisan has been intrinsic to our spirit and we continue this legacy by preserving and encouraging traditional weaving techniques and adapting and reinventing the fabric in modern iterations. As agents of change, we wish to recognise the efforts our craftsmen put into weaving each masterpiece.

Help us in creating beautiful tomorrows for the planet and its people.