Arka - Brocade

Long were the reigns of our kings and exuberant were the clothing they wore. Throughout history, we often get to read about great emperors who encouraged and patronised weaving and crafts. One such craft was brocade weaving. Intricate motifs, embossed and woven over fine silk threads in ancient wooden looms bring out the magic of brocade kanchipurams, which brings back the memories of reigns and royals. And leaves behind an everlasting charm. Woven by the masters of the craft and curated by us with love, we present a collection of handcrafted Brocade kanchipurams.

The opulent magnificence of the Kanjivaram crescendos with our Arka collection of Brocade silks, the most royal of the Kanchipuram Pure Silk Sarees. Traditionally believed to purify anything it touches, gold has been an integral part of our heritage. While it's omnipresent in all our occasions and events be it the wedding decor, the jewellery or mithai, gold finds a special place within the folds of a Brocade Kanjivaram saree.

Experience this awe-inspiring manifestation of gold and silk crescendoing in Tulsi Madras’s Arka collection. With pure gold zari from Gujarat and responsibly sourced soft mulberry silk, our collection of Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees are heirlooms created to be passed down from mother to daughter for generations without ever losing their luscious shine. Made with timeless raw materials of gold thread carefully interspersed with silk, the Brocade Kanjivaram saree is the epitome of detailed craftsmanship.

Fittingly christened “the queen of silks’ the brocade kanjivaram is inspired by the plush silks from royal vaults. This laborious art of marrying lustrous silk with glinting gold was kept alive through the centuries with royal and temple patronage. As the expertly crafted golden zari work glides over the silk threads, it weaves together a breathtaking tapestry of craftsmanship and class harkening back to the reigns of kings. The brocade kanjivaram is designed to bring out the luscious silk, carefully dyed to create the perfect hues which allows the rich royal colours of breathtaking burgundy, peacock blue and deep vermillion to juxtapose strikingly against the gold of the brocade work.

The brocade kanjivaram is a timeless part of your saree collection and the intricate motif work spanning the entire drape makes this a cherished choice as a Bridal Silk Saree as well. Explore our selection of these coveted and meticulously embellished kanjivarams, perfect for any celebration.