Kriya - Contemporary

As the times change, our culture changes to adapt with the needs of the modern world. Inspired by The Indian Renaissance which ushered in a fresh perception of art, the Kriya Collection celebrated Experimenting, with colours, zari, motifs and techniques and taking inspiration from cultures all over the world. We bring to you a curated collection of contemporary Kanchipurams to brighten up your ootd.

The 6 yard staple; reimagined. Our contemporary “Kriya” collection takes the best that traditional techniques have to offer and adds in a twist. Fresh colour palettes, intricate zari work and rare motifs inspired from cultures far and wide are our modus operandi to create the inimitable and unique contemporary sarees with the same essence of the Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees.

While the heritage of kanchipuram and the mastery of weavers remain a core element of our ethos, we want to create a bridge between the artisans who weave magic into silk sarees and our community and allow for tradition and the contemporary meld together to create unique wearable art. Inspired by the Indian renaissance which ushered in a fresh perspective on art and curated a melting pot of design inspiration for artists across different mediums, Tulsi Madras’s contemporary collective offers modernity realised within the folds of a Kanjivaram South Silk. 

In the Kriya collective Rasiriti experiments in texture, weave, hue which results in an emotive experience within the weaving of each saree myriad expressions of the soft silk sari, easy to drape and truly versatile. Off-beat colours like pastel dusty pink and mint juxtaposed with ganga-jamuna borders proves how elegantly change can coexist with tradition. Be it a multicoloured saree resplendent with contrasting and complementing hues or a mixture of different elements and motifs from other artforms of world, these Kanchipuram Pure Silk Sarees are designed to be a conversation starter and showcase your personal style with elan.

While traditional motifs were inspired by temples, spires and flora and fauna, this collective takes this one step further by intermingling the old with the new and creating a rare amalgamation of aesthetic. Hit reset on Borderless Kanjivaram Saree and tread the path of perfect balance between marvellous tradition and essential innovation with our Kriya collection.