At Tulsi Madras, we believe in the transformative power of the saree.

We believe in eternal beauty woven into 6 yards of fabric; beauty that transcends people, places and time.

Drawing from the values and heritage from the House of Tulsi, Tulsi Madras aims to bring forth a modern take on traditional Indian weaves while staying true to our cornerstone values of trust and authenticity. 

The resplendent beauty of traditional art finds its way into the weaves of our sarees and then to your wardrobes, with a little bit of help from us. Our website is designed to be an intimate and relaxing browsing experience, which allows you to explore each of our hand-selected curations with ease. 

Every Tulsi Madras saree is authentic, hand-selected, quality checked and woven by highly skilled artisans.

We invite you to fall in love with the beauty of the saree again, experience it’s myriad forms and colours, marvel at its innovative weaves and borders and feel its rich gossamer touch. 

Allow us to adorn you in our creations and celebrate your strength and spirit.