Tulsi Madras-Founder's Note

The word “sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit, but for many, this simple word encapsulates much more than that. Within the folds of the saree many women have found comfort, beauty, grace and a connection to their roots and that has been my undimmed inspiration behind the genesis of Tulsi Madras.

At Tulsi Madras, we venerate every element of the saree. Right from the responsibly sourced raw material to the quality of the fabric and the expert craftsmanship, all have always been a fascinating obsession for us.

Envisioned to be a bridge between traditional Kanchipuram sarees and the modern Indian woman, our inspiration lies with you. 

With your support, we hope to continue to push for positive change in the industry along with ensuring a steady source of revenue to our weaver community and creating social sustainability.

We will continue on to strive to join the dots between the artisans who weave magic into authentic, beautiful silk sarees and our community. With our online-first platform, we want to surpass geographical boundaries and curate a retail space exclusively for celebrating and experiencing the beauty of the saree.

Thank you for believing in Tulsi Madras and for letting our sarees weave their way to your heart and drape you in a whirlpool of blissful taste.

- Prarthanaa & Sandeep