Brand Ethos

At Tulsi Madras, we believe in pouring life into every thread. Our sarees became a living entity, resounding with the warmth of love poured into each weft and weave by our artisans.

The story of all of our creations starts wrapped in pure love. We have a passion for authentic textiles and crafts, respect for our community of weavers and love for all of humanity. Inspired by this ethos, the symbol of the Kamdhenu, the miraculous "cow of plenty" echoes our message and mission; the spirit of unconditional giving.

Celebrating the essence of creation

“Ras” is the emotional flavour crafted into all of the art; an inexplicable feeling of aesthetic pleasure evoked in the heart. “Vriti” speaks of tasteful choice.

Together they make “RASVRITI” or “a whirlpool of artful taste” and capture the essence of the centuries of tradition and taste that we ensure shines through in each of our creations.

We invite you to come and explore our sarees, a canvas for our spirit and soul.