Reka - Checks

Reka, the lines that show direction. With fine lines that run parallel or perpendicular across the tapestry of the saree, our checks Kanchipurams bring visual definition to every masterpiece. When woven in fine zari on pure silk, this technique is the perfect confluence of modernism and traditional craft. We present a handpicked collection of classic checks and stripes Kanjeevaram that would add a fantastic flair to your collection.

Experience the interplay of checked (kattam) and striped (vari) Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online with our Reka collection. This ode to balance and beauty comes from the looms of our master craftsmen. The concept of checks manifests onto the rich silk of the kanjivaram in a myriad of ways.

Be it the two toned contrast of the puliyam kottai or or the fine single line checks of the kottadi kattam, these sarees span across a host of different styles to effortlessly complement any occasion.Another breathtaking form is the muthu kattam. Muthu translates to “pearl” making muthu kattam literally checks made of pearls, a fitting name for the elegant lines of tiny white squares that glide across the silk. This almost mathematical precision of translating checks and stripes onto a luscious silk kanjeevaram is truly a labour of love taking countless hours and craftsmanship to envision and weave.

With each unique saree with its own combination of colour and checks the possibilities with Chequered Korvai Kanjivaram Sarees are truly endless. From board bold stripes to detailed micro check and precise pinstripes this collection explores the entire spectrum of geometric Kanjivaram design. These glistening pure silk sarees with their eye-catching colours cue royal elegance and create the perfect hybrid of the modern and traditional, of elegance and comfort. With the combined craftsmanship of master weavers, these Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees have graphic style realised within its warps and weft. Not just a saree but rather an investment, these are masterpieces, designed to be handed down from generation to generation.

Explore our irresistible Reka collection, sure to find a timeless place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.