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Embodied by a splash of two contrasting colours, the Korvai adds a touch of regal elegance to the classic Kanchipuram. This traditional technique of weaving breathtaking sarees has transcended generations. The artful process of weaving the body and border of the saree separately and blending them together at the end, is called Korvai. We bring you a finely curated collection of handcrafted Korvai Kanchipuram straight from the master weaver of Kanchi.

The confluence of contrasts, the Korvai Kanjivaram Sarees is a breathtaking union of two contrasting hues into one artful drape. This Bridal Silk Sarees weaving technique entails the body and the border being woven independently and then painstakingly entwined. “Korvai” meaning “in sync” is an artform conceived to bring out the contrast and celebrate the different hues of its body and border. The technique of weaving a Korvai saree involves two weavers manually attaching the body part of the saree with the borders. The process is repeated again to attach the pallu portion. This requires a three shuttle loom and the assiduous labour of love from two weavers who throw the shuttle back and forth to create this masterpiece.

This very act of interlocking the border and the saree lends is what lends the Korvai it it’s unique design element. Taking myriad forms ranging from the classic single line interlock to more ornamental styles inspired by temple silhouettes, the craft of Korvai is a stunning culmination of style.

When the border and body are joined in a straight line, we get the classic Korvai Kanjivaram curated to bring out the contrast of the two hues. The Temple Border Korvai is inspired by the Gopurams of the majestic temples of South India, with small triangular forms in the zari joining the two halves of the saree. The Thazhamboo Reku Korvai is perhaps the most flamboyant of them all with a beautiful spired flower motif joining the two halves of the saree. Another distinct feature of the Korvai is the interplay of bright contrasts and colours. Be it pink-blue, red-green, or orange-pink, the cheerful Korvai combinations add joy to your wardrobe.

There are many reasons to choose a Korvai kanjivaram saree for your special day. This intricate style of weaving makes this a favourite amongst Kanjivaram Sarees For Wedding since it holds timeless traditions, colour and joy within its folds. Explore the Tulsi Madras’s handcrafted collection of Korvai Kanjivaram sarees online.