Mudra - Magic of Motifs

Ancient Indian art and craft techniques were often inspired by the nature, culture and rulers that prevailed centuries ago. The reflection of these were seen in the traditional weaves of that era. Patrons of silk weaving often took inspiration from flora and fauna around them to be woven into fine golden zari motifs and borders. We bring to you a curated collection of fine kanchipurams inspired by nature, art and the culture, in the form of motifs.

Motifs play a key role in the aesthetic and cultural story of the Kanjivaram. The ancient motifs and patterns speak through the woven fabric and tell us ancient stories of holy cities, temples, spirituality and nature. These motifs play the twin role of adding aesthetic appeal and a spirituality to the Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees. These motifs aren't merely decorative, rather they have symbolic depth and mythological lore to them.

Ancient art was often inspired by the culture and kings, and spoke a visual language to tell stories of their time. The sarees of the Mudra collection are tapestries adorned with these motifs, a reflection of ancient India conceptualised as wearable art. From formidable lions and yali motifs to the famous Ekambareswarar temple border, to buttas inspired by flower buds and paisley patterns, the visual vocabulary of the Kanjivaram is truly awe-inspiring.

Motifs also serve the function of protecting the wearer against the evil eye or to lend auspiciousness to a special celebration. One of the most favoured protective symbols was the yali-  a mythical creature that is depicted as part-lion, part-elephant and part-horse as seen on the walls and entrances of south Indian temples. Elaborate buttas also dot the drape to bring out the colour contrast and lend unique ornamentation to the saree.

Motifs add a new dimension to the beauty of silk and the Kanjivaram saree motifs have been an inspiration for designers and artists all over the world. Classical motifs  like the hamsam (swan),  the tree of life (kalpa vruksha) and peacocks (mayil) ​​point to the fact that nature has long been a source of inspiration for the arts, be it dance, music or the treasured Kanchipuram Pure Silk Sarees.

Experience the rich language of the motifs in Gastritis' Mudra collective of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online, and prepare to be mesmerised by their timeless appeal and beauty.