Trend Setting: Organza Silk Sarees


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Trend Setting: Organza Silk Sarees

Tidbits About Organza Fabric

Have you seen those entry scenes in Bollywood movies in which svelte heroines clad in cloud-thin sarees waltz around trees in lush gardens? Well, there’s a good chance it was an Organza saree. The Organza has been a part of women’s fashion through the generations - vintage, retro, millennial and even Gen Z. Such is its timeless, ageless, versatile appeal. Light as a feather, soft in texture, smooth to feel and charismatic in appeal, Organzas are one among the most gorgeous sarees coveted by women. The see through nature of the saree gives it an aesthetic sensual appeal; and it is best suited for glamorous and glitzy events. Draped in a shimmery Organza, a woman is sure to feel like a diva.

The Chinese Connection

Organza is a firm, lightweight, transparent fabric that traces its origins back to ancient China. The name derives from ‘URGANG’, a silk manufacturing town in the Turkistan region that was part of the silk route through which organza was exported from China to the west. Traditionally, Organza was made from Chinese silk with a special warp and weft weaving method incorporating factors such as seam appearance, seam swiftness and seam pucker - which gave the fabric its typical stiffness. Today nylon and polyester fibres are also used in the manufacturing of Organza thereby allowing many variations in the fabric like spark (sparkly to see), crystal (shiny in appearance) and pearl Organza (pearlescent in shine and colour).

Styling and Stand Out Material

Styling on and carrying off an Organza saree needs oodles of draping expertise. Although it is a light material, it balloons and puffs up on wearing and so slightly expands the figure frame. An organza saree is a boon for women of all sizes: generously pleating before tucking up and gathering the pleats at the shoulder will accentuate their figure rightly. An Organza spells elegance and class, and is certainly a cynosure to the eye.

Caring for Your Organzas

The organza material is characterised by the teeny tiny holes created by the unique warps and wefts of the weave. These holes make the fabric breathable and airy, making the Organza ideal for summer wear. The fabric is really delicate, so a proper and strict caring method should be employed to retain its shimmer and beauty. Using mild detergent, drying it on flat surfaces (instead of hanging), using white vinegar (sparingly) and cold water to remove stains, storing it in soft muslin cloth bags in the closet, and ironing it with a soft cotton cloth on top are some ways to keep your Organza saree as fresh as a daisy for a long time.

Rasa’s Organza Fest

Check out Tulsi Madras to shop for dazzling Organza sarees of unbeatable quality, enchanting colours, and spectacular designs. Choose from an amply spread-out array of shades and motifs of every colour and pattern - whites with embroidery work done all over, pastel pinks and greens with intricate floral and leaf motifs. Kumkum shades with satin borders, Geva-coloured ones with scalloped edges, mustard hues with Kalamkari prints and many more.


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. So, what better way to express your style than to drape yourself in a mind-blowing Rasvriti organza saree and make heads turn?