Top Tips on Buying Your First Kanchipuram Saree


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Top Tips on Buying Your First Kanchipuram Saree

Your First Kanchipuram Saree

The first summer shower, the first winter snowflake, the first bud on a rose bush, and the first shoot sprouting on the muddy earth are all very dear and special to the human heart; so also is the first saree in a woman’s wardrobe. It is customary for any Indian girl, who sets foot on the threshold of womanhood, to be gifted with her first saree; and if this is a gorgeous Kanchipuram silk saree, then she is sure to be over the moon and bedazzled. Her mind is filled with an ecstatic thrill when she drapes herself in her first saree and gazes at her mirror image. She owns her beauty and confidence in the new attire like never before.

Choosing According to Body Type And Personal Style

There is absolutely no “One rule fits all’ formula when it comes to sarees and body types. Broad-bordered sarees in a three-part (Mubbagam) style go well on tall frames; narrow, ribbon-like borders suit medium frames. Horizontal Veldhari (zigzag) lines along the body of the saree (with plain borders or double pettu jari borders) make a lean body type look plumper while vertical lines do just the opposite. It is all a matter of personal preference and style, which forms a silent language expressing one’s attitude, in a subtle manner. That style differs from person to person too; it could be one of subdued elegance, stately poise, wonderful grandeur, royal opulence, or fashionably daring, each special in its own way.

Picking Colours That Rhyme With Your Beat

Colour is one of the finest mediums of self-expression; colours are to artists and dressmakers, what words are to poets. Colours contain pigments that can visually influence our emotions – yellow evokes happiness, blue brings out serenity, green suggests prosperity and red symbolizes energy. Who is not mesmerised by the crimson-blazing sun, the pearly opaline moon, the blue wave-filled sea, or the green grassy meadows? Luckily for women, Kanchipuram silk sarees come in all hues and shades. Bright peppy shades are ideal for winter and day wear and light, pastel shades are for summer and evening wear. Be brave in experimenting with colours till you find those shades that complement your skin tone and make you look unique.

Length of Your Blouse Considerations

Kanchipuram silk sarees come with their own blouse yardage these days and this saves us endless hours of scouting for the right matching blouse. We also have the freedom of getting blouses tailored to suit our individual tastes and specifications – traditionally styled blouses, knotted blouses, peplum, backless, boat-necked, mandarin, spaghetti, halter necked, princess cut and the list is exhaustive. The look of a Kanchipuram silk saree can be pared down or spruced up, with the right choice of blouse. Look out for the style that suits the occasion, get your blouse customized in that style and you are good to go.

Kanchipuram Fabric Quality

Kanchipuram sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk and have such an amazing sheen and radiance about them that are hard to replicate. They drape so beautifully and have a smooth and flowy fall when worn. These are the parameters to be checked, to ensure the authenticity of the silk while making the purchase. When a brand like Tulsi Madras doles out magical Kanchipuram sarees from its in-house looms and creative expertise, why look elsewhere? Buy your very first Kanchipuram silk saree from Tulsi Madras and stockpile all the appreciative looks and comments that come your way, rest assured that the quality of your purchase is of the highest order.