The Onset of a Cottony Summer


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The Onset of a Cottony Summer

The month of April ushers in the summer season and puts us on the threshold of hot, sultry days and endless sunshine. The rise of mercury gradually gives way to a sweltering heat wave that can bring about profuse perspiration in the body. Wearing cotton sarees really helps in this situation as the cotton fabric absorbs sweat and keeps the body cool. The cotton saree's fibres allow free air passage, making it breathable, light, and airy. So wearing feathery, lightweight, wispy cotton sarees is the way to go this summer!

The Ideal Cloth for Summer

India is a tropical country, so the scorching sun is more or less a permanent fixture in the bright sky. So what better way to beat the summer heat than by draping on a cool cotton saree made of fluffy fibres from the flowers of a cotton plant? With a dollop of sunscreen on the skin, an iced cucumber mint cooler to sip and a dainty cotton saree to wear - you are good to go to brave the summer sun, well shielded from its scathing heat.

Types of Cotton Sarees

Come summer, crowds throng saree shops to stock their wardrobes with colourful cotton sarees. India is the second largest producer of cotton in the world and so there is an array of cotton saree varieties to choose from - exquisite Jamdani cotton from Bengal, chic Chikankari cotton from Lucknow, Chettinad beauties from Tamilnadu, splendid Sambalpuris from Orissa, glorious Kasavu from Kerala, classic Chanderis and Maheshwari from Madhya Pradesh and trousseau-worthy Pochampallis from Telangana - just to name a few. The list is long and you can take your pick. Each state in India boasts its own unique cotton sarees showcasing its culture and tradition.

Colours for the Summer

Cotton sarees can be worn for any occasion - a temple visit, a birthday party, an office party, a shopping trip, a family get-together or a relaxed day at home. The trick is to amp it up for grand events like weddings and keep it simple for casual functions. Of course, accessories go a long way in achieving this. Wear a matching chunky beaded necklace with a cotton saree for a jazzy look, or wear a simple pendant earring set with a cotton saree to create a classy elegant look; pair it with a tank top or halter neck top for a modern chic appearance or look traditional by matching it with a sequined long-sleeved blouse. Thus the versatility that a saree can be put to is simply amazing.

No Frills, Just Great Style

Tulsi Madras's ravishing range of beautiful cool cotton sarees is certainly a drool-worthy sight for any saree lover. It is a one-stop shop for all your saree desires. The wonderful colour combinations, the multifarious prints and motifs, and the aesthetic embellishments in the form of zari, embroidery, mirror work and applique will certainly enchant you and loosen your purse strings. Walk into their store and see for yourself how Tulsi Madras sarees are a cut above the rest. Wear one and you are sure to make heads turn by looking your best.