The Off-White Saree: A Telltale of Elegance


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The Off-White Saree: A Telltale of Elegance

The Rainbow Convergence

If white is a congregation of all the seven colours of the rainbow, then off-white is its soul sister. Off-white envelopes under its umbrella: vanilla, ivory, feather down, pale oak, soft cream, mother of pearl, and myriad other shades. Whether it is a matter of choosing paint for home interiors or a backdrop colour for a beautiful painting or in the realm of textile and fabric design, the off-white colour holds a very special place; a unique one at that. This is because it pairs, blends, and dazzles very well with most of the colours in the spectrum, by sobering bright colours by taking the flashy edge out of them and enhancing sober colours by adding a zing to them.

Multi-Representation of the Simple Colour

White symbolizes peace and the off-white colour embodies this idea too. Off-white doesn’t stop there. It represents peace, purity, innocence, open-mindedness, hope, and clarity. Rightly so, because white and off-white colours are authentic markers of a blemish-free state. So much so, that Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of wisdom and learning is always seen wearing a white/off-white and gold saree. Off-white brings about an aura of divinity and nobility of the soul. A woman clad in an off-white saree is the perfect picture of serenity and pristineness and she exudes a vibe of sophistication and elegance.

God’s Own Colour

Kerala Kasavu sarees come in an ornate zari embellished off-white colour and are traditionally worn by Malayali women on important festival days like Vishu and Onam. White set mundus are also worn as a variation of the traditional saree drape. Now Onam and Vishu are celebrated on a global scale and so the demand for off-white Kasavu sarees has notched up high on the consumer choice scale. There is nothing like a woman clad in an off-white saree, with golden jhumkas dangling from her ears, gold and glass bangles jangling in her arms, and fragrant jasmine strings adoring her hair is a treat to the beholder’s eye.

Going East and White

The Assamese Muga silk saree is also characterized by its natural off-white/ yellowish golden tint and an amazing shimmery, glossy texture. Muga silk is also fashioned into beautiful Mekhela Chador which is a sarong-half saree combination traditionally worn by the Assamese women. Mekhelas and sarees are paired with dark-coloured, embroidered, fitted blouses accessorized with vermillion and white bangles in both hands and a round sindoor/bindi on the forehead. Bengali women also wear the Garad which is a traditional off-white/ red bordered saree, during the Durga Puja festival.

Off-white sarees are all-time favourites because of the ethereal, angelic vibe they radiate. Let us break it down: so there are off-white sarees in every kind of silk – traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees with intricate buttas all over, off-white feathery chiffon sarees with floral prints, off-white gorgeous Gadwal silk sarees with rich red zari borders, off white, ornate Organzas with lace work all over, off white crisp linen sarees with pretty prints and satin borders, off white and gold Banarasi sarees with intricate zari motifs and the variety is endless. 

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