The Knockout Drape from Kashmir


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The Knockout Drape from Kashmir

Kani Silk - The Origins

The land of gorgeous glaciers, crystalline lakes, magnificent mountains, meandering meadows, foggy forests, and wide and v-shaped valleys - Kashmir is rightly acclaimed to be the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Geographically located in the northernmost part of India, Kashmir looks like a crown atop a king's head. Every nook and corner of Kashmir is so picturesque that it forms an excellent natural backdrop for any photographer. Kashmir is home not only to nature’s bounty but also to artisanal brilliance and masterful craftsmanship. Walnut wood, crafted artifacts, papier mache trinkets, Pashmina shawls, and Kani silk sarees, all of these are a curious collector's dream.

The Weaves of Kashmir

Kani silk is one of the most gorgeous and luxurious of silks. The silk is extracted from the silkworms that feed on the mulberry leaves native to the Kashmiri bush landscape. ‘Kani’ refers to the small wooden sticks around which the warps and wefts are deftly woven to create eclectic, exquisite designs of Kani sarees. Kani weaving is an age-old ancient craft dating back to 3000 BC and it brings to life the vibrantly stunning flora and foliage of Kashmir. The paisley or Ambi pattern, the Badam or almond motif, the Chinar leaf motif, and the Gulabdar (flora) motif are the most prominent ones.

Prints on Kani Silk Sarees

The designs and prints on the Kani sarees are quite elaborate and intricate. Borrowed generally from mother nature, the prints are splendid figurines, floral patterns, foliage designs, and jaal patterns in the Kani saree make it a visual delight and masterpiece. The beauty of the weave, its soft rustle, the smooth, satiny feel, the fall of the saree, and its earthy appeal to the visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory senses make the Kani saree-draping affair a sensory experience. The rich jewel tones and the shimmery look infuse in it an aura of royalty and ornate opulence.

Styling Tips

The Kani Saree is a perfect picture of classy elegance and is so versatile that it can be worn for any occasion. Wear it with a necklace earring set for a classy and traditional look. Pair it with a statement blouse to add a zing factor for party wear. The pant-style drape is very modern and super comfortable and chic. Elevate the eclectic factor by wearing a jacket with the saree and a messy hairdo. Dress it up by tucking in with uniform pleats like a Lehenga and wear a matching silken kurta. Try out various drapes and styles, and see your saree outfit transform into charming couture.

Usage in Modern Indian Fashion

With the saree gaining more and more popularity as an everyday outfit, silks like Kani are gaining steam too. From vintage to modern, classy glam, festive wear to loungewear, the saree is ubiquitous and women wear it with pride too. And certainly, you can make heads turn by wearing a Tulsi Madras Kani Saree in a stately sea green, pleasing pastel yellow, divine deep blue, or a vibrant mason colour. Check these sarees out for yourselves and own them in your treasured trousseaus to cherish forever and pass on as heirlooms.