The Exotic Blend - Linen Kanchipurams


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The Exotic Blend - Linen Kanchipurams

When the buttery solidness of the Kanchipuram and the ethereal lightness of linen come together, the outcome is a shiny, crisp, airy, and regal fabric: the Linen Kanchipuram. With the constituent fabrics woven one in the warp and one in the weft, this fabric is a Tulsi Madras designer maestro’s dream come true. Call it audacity or innovation – it takes an abundance of guts to conceive such a combination, and then to convince a conventional weaver to execute this idea with his magical hands is nothing short of fantabulous. The outcome of such hard work is the enchanting, magnificent Linen Kanchipuram pure silk sarees that is a treat to the eye and a dream to drape.

Look and Flow of The Saree

In a Kanchi Linen saree, you can feel the soft creaminess of linen and the flowy smoothness of silk embrace each other in a glorious uniqueness. While draping the saree, the pleats come together so neat and clean that the feel and fall of the saree against the body are fantastic. Gathering the pleats up at the shoulder with a safety pin or a free fall pallu, both look equally ravishing because of the alluring plushness of the Kanchi Linen material. It has a certain pliability that lends it a breezy air, making it a perfect fit to be worn on a sizzling hot summer day as well as a pleasant sprightly spring day.

Colours and Prints

It’s not an overstatement that the Tulsi Madras Kanchi Linen range is absolutely enticing. The weight and opacity of Kanchipuram silk sarees blend with ease with the crackling touch of linen and voila! We have the stunning Kanchipuram Linen saree. The variety of these sarees, especially with prints, will surely blow your mind away. Pastel pinks and peach shades with flowery prints, luscious lilacs and lavenders that scream summer, merry magentas and mauves to wear to weddings, and rich creams and whites with subtle prints for casual wear and many more. There are also stellar collections of sarees in rusty reds, yummy yellows, spirited scarlets, flamboyant fuchsias, brilliant blues, and opulent ochres for the socialite partygoer.

Styling Tips for Summers

The Kanchipuram Linen saree is great to wear during the sweltering Indian summers. It is easy to drape, effortless to carry, and very durable. It lends itself to such versatility that it can be worn to weddings, parties, pujas, corporate meetings, and even fashion shows – styling is key. Wear it with a brocade blouse and antique jewellery for weddings to match the vibes. Glam it up with a tank top and funky accessories to a party or wear a pastel-coloured Kanchi Linen with minimal jewellery and a handbag for a corporate boss lady look. You could even don a multicoloured saree with ethnic jewellery and jasmine strands in your hair to attend a divine gathering – the choices are bountiful.

The Blend of Design and Hard Work

At Tulsi Madras, we wanted to be the first movers to bring this saree to the market. What makes the Kanjivaram Linen saree such a stand-out creation is the jaw-dropping cross-pollination of the best Kanchi silk and linen materials features. It was a daunting task for the back-end hard workers to create it. The designer-creator goes from conceptualizing the idea to strategizing and customizing, then it’s taken to the weaver’s loom for creation after which the floor staff brings it to you, the customers for your trial. This saree is a magnificent masterpiece to behold, making all the painstaking work and perseverance worthwhile. Be sure to check out the finest collection of Kanchipuram Linen sarees from Tulsi Madras.