The Epitome of Gujarati Luxury


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The Epitome of Gujarati Luxury

Patola Origins

The Patola saree has its origins in Gujarat in a small town named Patola. It is marked by a labyrinthine, intricate weave that is complex, strong, smooth, and lustrous. The weaving technique was developed by the Salvi community weavers of Maharashtra, who migrated to Gujarat to seek the patronage of the Chalukya Kings who were ruling Gujarat at that time. With the support of the royalty, this craft flourished and grew in leaps and bounds in the hands of the master craftsmen weavers. Today a Patola saree is deemed as a prized asset and an heirloom piece, which every woman yearns to possess.

The Weave

An arduous and time-consuming process goes into the making of a Patola saree; the intricacy that characterizes the weaving process makes the Patola material unique and inimitable. A resist-dyeing process using the warp and weft technique is employed in the weaving process. Then a methodical tie-dye and dry process is done on the yarn according to the chosen design and then it is put to the loom for weaving. After that, with enormous precision and exactitude, the weaver operates the loom painstakingly to create the outstanding double–ikat designs that we see in the Patola sarees. The weaver has to work with utmost concentration applying and readjusting continuously in order to get the design spot on and perfect. Needless to say, it is back-breaking work for the weaver, but the fruit of his hard labour is a masterpiece.

Colours / Luxury Component

Patan ka Patola saree is the most treasured possession in a Gujarat bride’s trousseau. With its luxurious colours, intricate weave, spectacular sheen, and regal opulence the Patola saree lavishes upon the wearer, an element of elegant, easy on the eye kind of affluence. The vibrant colours of the Patola saree come from natural organic dyes obtained from the indigo plant, turmeric roots, pomegranate skin, marigold flowers, catechu (an extract of the acacia tree) and natural lac; so the colours are intense, beautiful, unique and long-lasting. A Patola saree has an unmissable, obvious aura of regality about it thanks to the finesse of the artisanal weaver.

Styling Tips

The designs on a Patola saree are extraordinarily ornate. Drawing from the rich tapestry of traditional Indian mythology and symbolism, Patola sarees come in myriad designs and motifs- there are geometrical designs, hoity-toity horses, pretty parrots, charming chariots, lovely lotuses, and elephantine motifs. Styling a Patola saree is a labour of love. Pair it with a plain golden elbow-length blouse to accentuate the rich grand motifs and balance the bright vibrant colours. A golden-hued clutch and gold embroidered classy mojaris will complete and coordinate this look. For a trendy look, wear a sleeveless black blouse and black embellished boots with a multi-hued Patola sari. Take care not to over-accessorise, as this will kill the grandeur of the Patola saree.

The Tulsi Madras Connection

Add a Patola to your wardrobe from Tulsi Madras’s alluring range of sarees in Prussian blue, olive, beige, coral purple, and a whole gamut of lovely colours. They are great to be worn to grand occasions like weddings and parties and will certainly make heads turn.