The Brocade and Borderless Beauties


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The Brocade and Borderless Beauties

Brocades, a.k.a. Affluence

Brocade is a rich, opulent-looking fabric with a raised, embossed sort of pattern in a bronzy golden or shimmery silver zari thread. The word ‘brocade’’ has its origins from the Latin word ‘broccus’ which means projecting or pointed. Apart from the usual warp and weft, an additional non-structural weft goes into the making of brocade. ‘This’ additional weft appears as a cluster of floating threads hanging about in loose groups at the back of the fabric and is usually clipped away. Goes without saying that weaving this extra weft into the fabric, in an interspersed manner to produce an embossed effect, requires the deft, adroit skills of a master craftsman.

A History of Arka

The first brocade fabric was crafted in China between 400 B.C. to 200 B.C. and was completely hand-made and worn exclusively by the royalty and the rich. Then gradually silk brocade snuck out of China through the hands of the byzantine travellers and then exploded into the world of Western fashion. The Renaissance saw the evolution of the brocade into a haute-couture fabric through centuries of royal and temple patronage (in India); even today brocade is a prized possession. Tulsi Madras’s Arka range of Kanchipuram brocades are things of beauty to behold. Lush Arka silks embossed with the finest silken zari work in a riot of colours are nothing but elegance and exquisiteness on a platter, transporting us to the bygone eras of royalty. Every Arka saree embodies the rich tapestry of Indian design, artistry, and craftsmanship.

The One and Only “Eka”

Tulsi Madras also brings to you its Eka collection of borderless Kanchipuram silk sarees. ‘Eka’ translates to ‘the only one’ and Eka sarees are feather-light, soft silk sarees meant to be worn with casual elegance. They are borderless, easy to maintain, dainty, and come in myriad colours and motifs. Mostly heavy Kanchipuram silk sarees see the light of day only during grand occasions and celebrations. But the uniqueness of the Eka brand is that, it is for casual wear, be it a temple visit, a boardroom event, a corporate gathering, a simple function, or a park picnic. With its warm and pleasant tones, soft and smooth textures, and subtle to grand motifs, an Eka saree is a must-have treasure in every woman’s wardrobe.

Styling The Brocades and Borderless

Árka which means ‘a ray of light’ in Sanskrit spells the perfect terminology for this brand. Arka sarees are a dream to drape with their dazzling radiance, heavenly colours, intricate work, and overall opulence. Since the saree is so beautifully zari embellished and ornate, it would be good to go easy on the accessories; say a well-fitted matching blouse, a golden bracelet, and hoop danglers for the ear would suffice for a chic and charming look. On the other hand, Eka sarees can be paired up with exotic, striking accessories as the sarees themselves are borderless and with minimal adornment. These ethereal, lightweight, breezy sarees have a graceful fall and can be accessorised with embroidered, puff-sleeved, or ruffle-sleeved blouses, chunky bead or oxidised jewellery, sequinned clutches, and stylish footwear.

The Finishing Touch

While Western classic outfits enhance the style factor of dressing, it is the saree that brings out the inner diva in a woman and awakens an aura of elegance and elan about her personality. Draping herself in six yards of sheer splendour, a woman can certainly feel the flower of confidence blooming in her mind. And what with the Arka and Eka range of sarees from Tulsi Madras, you are welcome to indulge in the warmth and cosiness of Indian luxury and feel regal, royal, and rapturous.