The Bridesmaid Dazzle


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The Bridesmaid Dazzle

A Tough Yet Satisfying Job

Indian weddings are full of excitement, fanfare, music, dance, and love. But if you are the bridesmaid, it’s a whole other story. The mostly-unmarried female friends and family members of the bride have this huge responsibility to be attentive, amusing, and most important of all - attractive during weddings!

Being part of the bride’s clique can be quite advantageous: you get to support with planning the wedding and associated arrangements, do shopping with and for the bride, and try your hands on make-up and hairdo for the bride, among many others. As a bridesmaid, things can get high-octane close to and on the wedding day, so it’s imperative to pick out for yourself a dazzling, yet functional saree that can carry you through the duties.

Rangh - The Korvai Killer

Kanchipuram sarees in a potpourri of colours are a great go-to choice for Indian bridesmaids. Going a notch up the variation ladder, you have Korvai Kanchipuram sarees: the flamboyantly woven masterpiece for such occasions. Tulsi Madras’s Rangh range of Korvai Kanjivarams comes in temple-inspired borders and a myriad of colour fusions. The Korvai has its border and body joined in a smooth straight line that makes the saree look simply ravishing.

In a marriage, only the bridesmaid has the liberty to marry colours on her dress! So whether it’s a Manjal-pastel green stunner, a Chembarathi red charmer, or a purple-bodied Ananda-blue bordered looker, you are spoiled for choice in this magnificent collection. Pull on some subtle gold bling on the neck, hands, and ears and the combo spells perfection.

Reka - “Check” Your Style

Women whose style quotient extends to geometry, i.e. checks, stripes, pinstripes, lines, and other circular shapes make classy bridesmaids. To look fab at your bestie's wedding, you have to dress the part, and the Reka range may just be what floats your saree boat. This collection features a bottle-green Kanchipuram whose body sports ornate golden lines across, an orange silk saree that has small zari checks and buttas all over, and a light-pink beauty that contains golden “Muthukattam” checks all over its body.

The craftsmanship of the Reka sarees is phenomenal. Shimmering colours, an uber-comfortable fit and unspoken elegance make these sarees a worthy wedding winner. There is nothing like donning a saree that contrasts well with the bride’s. With one of these Rekas, your bride will surely keep you close by during those exclusive camera moments on her big day.

Rajata - The Silvery Svelte

If anything is a crowd-puller during weddings, then it has to be the silver-bordered Kanchipuram silk sarees. Tulsi Madras’s Rajata assortment presents sarees with a luxurious sheen across either the body or the border. If you wish to rock in a sea-blue piece with silver checks and a shiny border, then this is the place. Fans of a multi-colour mix with a shimmering streak of silver can find their pick. Or those simpleton bridesmaids with an eye for class can opt for the grey Kanchipuram woven with a silver zari border with gold and silver zari butta stripes all over its body.

Tying Up The Nots

A few ‘Nots” and ‘Don’ts’ follow your role as a bridesmaid. For one and the most obvious, bridesmaids shouldn’t drape sarees that could match the exquisiteness of the bride’s saree. Black, shades of brown, dark pink, and sarees are usually discouraged, especially for someone who is part of the bride’s entourage. Heavy-set jewellery that could steal the thunder from the bride is also a no-no. 

However, if you wish to brighten up your bride’s biggest day, then dress up in the colours that she loves! For your next bridesmaid saree, head over to Tulsi Madras and check out the Rangh, Reka, and Rajata collections.