Shining in Rasa: A Chaniya Silk Feature


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Shining in Rasa: A Chaniya Silk Feature


Made of synthetic fibre in the exact likeness of pure silk sarees, Chaniya silk sarees are a marvel in draping fashion. What started as an effort to provide affordability in silk-look-alike material has gathered momentum because of the cost factor. Chaniya silk material carries the same smoothness, fall, sheen, and pliability as pure silk and is largely comparable to Katan silk. It has the advantage of going through the dying process after weaving and has a fantastic radiance and shine. It is a super lightweight, feathery material that drapes beautifully. The first Chaniya Silk Sarees were made in Banaras in natural pearly off-white shades and bold prints.

Prints and Colours on Chaniya Silk

Chaniya silk sarees come in a wide range of colours and gorgeous prints, pastel pinks, lime yellows, mehendi greens, teal blues, and lovely lilacs with complementing, contrast borders that will sweep you off our feet with their beauty and magnificence. The prints include floral zari buttas, creepers, stripes, chevron lines, mango motifs, floral jaals, geometrical designs, and digital prints, to name a few. The sarees look absolutely grand and can be worn by anyone – bride, bridesmaids, guests and are certainly treasures in any trousseau or wardrobe. A woman draped in a Chaniya silk saree is sure to look like a divine goddess.

Styling Tips

It is easy to style a Chaniya silk saree. A golden or silver-coloured blouse pairs well with any Chaniya saree as the print is mostly an intricate zari design. For an ornate look, it can be worn with heavy golden jhumkas for the ears and kadas for the hands. To dress it down, it can be worn with a matching sleeveless, simple blouse, simple golden studs and bangles, and a matching bindi. Either way, a woman wearing a Chaniya silk saree is sure to create an indelible impression.