Sarees in International Fashion - An Overview


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Sarees in International Fashion - An Overview

The saree has been synonymous with grace, femininity, tradition, and modesty since ancient times. It was worn only in the Indian sub-continent for ages, but not anymore. The saree has arrived on the international fashion scene with aplomb. Today’s Millennials and Gen Z have pushed the saree out of its traditional avatar and taken its fashion internationally.

The Next International Trend

Now worn by Indians and foreigners alike, the saree is truly on the global fashion radar and is considered by many as a trendy outfit. It has taken on a fresh whiff of glamour through the substitution of the traditional tailored blouse with fashionable alternatives like tank tops, halter necked blouses, t-shirts, tunics, peplum blouses or crop tops to pair with it.

Take a bite out of the fashion pie whenever you choose a saree from our wardrobes – be it a Kanjivaram, a Banarasi silk saree, a Gadwal, a Patola, or a now-trending Cotton. A designer’s name, less known or famous, small or big, is embedded in every fibre of the dresses stacked in our range. But fashion is not about big brands or lofty labels, rather it’s about how we personalise our outfits with what we have, adapting to where we live and what the occasion is. A properly accessorised saree is common even at international parties and glam events. Yes, the saree has arrived in an international fashion. With a bang.

The Designer Touch

From talented designers in India, you have new-age sarees with opulent designs, classics that use traditional Indian craft forms like Bandhani and Gota work, hand-crafted collectives and elegant sequin-worked sarees that are must-haves in a saree connoisseurs’ wardrobe. With the Indian diaspora spread out far and wide in every part of the globe, it is natural that the saree has gained so much visibility outside India. The popularity of the saree as a party outfit is gaining steam in the international scene and this is a big impetus for Indian culture to grow out of its geographical fashion boundaries.

Indian Celebrities Rocking It

The ultra-glamorous “Cannes Film Festival” has been a great platform for showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Indian sarees. Every year, big-gun Indian actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Nandita Das, and Vidya Balan have set the red carpet on fire by dazzling in bewildering designer sarees. And every time these ladies sashay along, they get appreciative nods from the international fashion police (along with battery-draining camera clicks from the paparazzi).

Saree’s Influence in the West

The allure of the saree has also drawn the interest of many international celebrities – the media mogul Oprah Winfrey, the Hollywood heartthrob Julia Roberts, the tennis titan Venus Williams, the singing sensation Selena Gomez, and the designer diva Victoria Beckham, to mention a few. These pretty women have enthralled the world in their beautiful saree looks.

And then there are big fat Indian weddings that are celebrated at exotic international locales. These are great stages where brides drape up in a la mode sarees and spray their social media feed with colourful photos. From the House of Tulsi, check out our broad variety of time-tested Indian garments for your next buy!