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In the heart of the beautiful city of Chennai lies Mylapore - a place known for its rich cultural heritage. Mylapore is special to us for so many reasons, especially because we launched our very first store here. A beautiful view of our exquisite sarees, rich in colours and craft, and an enchanting aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee, will welcome you to our store.

We have a very spacious parking space where multiple cars can be parked without worries. The hustle-bustle of the city is relieved as soon as you enter our quaint lane which leads you to the store. The zen-like tranquil space is the highlight of our store. A positive space harbours positive energy is our thought behind it.

The store is designed to be very customer-friendly and a lot of thought has gone behind the store to make it in a way that it caters to our client's needs. The lighting of the store is placed very mindfully. The clients will be able to see the authentic colours of our clothing in the mirror from any point in the store. The subtle and warm paint in the interior of the store is a very great way to mimic the natural light. Ample of lighting and positive energy among our staff is what makes your every visit here worthwhile. Our store is one which focuses on making each and every visit by our customers a grand experience. This grandeur is achieved with the help of top notch furniture and exquisite sensory elements in the store to name a few.