Navaratri 2023: 9 Days, 9 Gods, and 9 Bedazzling Colours


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Navaratri 2023: 9 Days, 9 Gods, and 9 Bedazzling Colours

Come autumn – the harsh heat of the sun mellows down and there is a tangible softness and tranquillity in the atmosphere. In the North of India the green cover of the trees fades away and an amberish, bronzy–golden hue appears, whereas in the south a verdant cover drapes the earth, thanks to the monsoons, resulting in a glistering green autumn.

Whatever the colour, there is a palpable energy shift characterizing the change of season all over the country and it is the time to celebrate the Divine Feminine. As Ma Shakthi, she descends upon the earth in all her magnificence with an unmatchable gaiety, pomp, and splendour. Navaratri is celebrated in her glory to mark the triumph of good over evil and raise us to our highest selves.

Navaratri in Sanskrit means nine nights new moon day (Amavasya) augurs in the festival and the following nine days and nine nights are to be devoted to piety, celebration, and contemplation. Ma Shakti is worshipped in 9 avatars/forms on the 9 days and each day, one colour reigns supreme. Dressing up in Kanchipuram sarees in this colour theme forms an integral part of the Navaratri Shringar for the womenfolk.

1 - Opulent Orange

Day one (Prathma) starts with orange, the symbol of warmth, fire, and energy. Goddess Shailaputri is the deity of this day and she is adorned with bright orange Chunri and marigold flowers.

2 - Worshippable White

White is the colour of the second day (Dwiteeya) and it spells innocence, peace, and serenity. Goddess Bramhacharini, the Goddess of the day is decked with beautiful, fragrant, pearly jasmine garlands and chrysanthemums.

3 - Ravishing Red

Fiery, powerful red is the colour of day 3 (Triteeya) and Ma Chandraghanta is the form. Red roses and ixora flowers line up the mandap of the goddess in a string and red, the colour of passion, hard work, love, and vitality comes alive with vibrancy. 

4 - Bountiful Blue

Onto day four (Chaturti) the royalest of blue is the colour to bedeck Ma Kushmanda; blue symbolizes the vastness and infinite nature of this universe and so should we expand our consciousness and horizons. Divinely blue coloured Aparajita flowers and orchids come in handy in the puja decoration on this day. 

5 - Youngly Yellow

Yellow is the colour of the fifth day (Panchami) and Skandamata is the divine form, bejeweled in golden yellow hues radiating from the yellow roses, sunflowers, marigolds, and gerberas – yellow, the colour of joy, sunshine, and unbridled optimism.

6 - Gorgeous Green

Ma Katyayini is the presiding deity on the sixth day (Shashti) and the choice of colour is a second-look guaranteed green; green symbolizes prosperity, fertility, serenity, and green dahlias and carnations can be arranged in ornate banquets around the mandap.

7 - Graceful Grey

Saptami or day seven is the day of Kalaratri and the colour grey associated with this day represents a balanced state of existence and emotions that will keep us stable and sane. White and blue coloured flowers are used on this day.

8 - Poetic Purple

Ma Mahagowri’s day is the eighth day (Ashtami) and she dazzles in a perky purple on this day; luxury, grandeur, and nobility are characteristics, mirrored by this opulent colour. Bulbous Vadamalli flower strings can be offered to MA for decoration.

9 - Grandiose Green

The last day of Navaratri is the day of Ma Siddhidatri the boon giver and she glimmers in a panoramic peacock green symbolizing uniqueness, compassion, and harmony. Flowers of all the component hues of this grand colour can be strung as garlands or bouquets for the offering. 

The Navaratri season brings a kaleidoscope of colours and festivities as part of the celebration spree. This is a festival where the ladies can drape different coloured sarees on nine different days in tandem with the colour of Shringar for the Goddess and shine bright like diamonds.

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