Navah- The Craft Of Binding Weaves And Prints


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Navah- The Craft Of Binding Weaves And Prints

The art of hand-painting in India is more than three thousand years old. A craft known to have originated in Mohenjo Daro found its path and journey through the sea of time. Be It in Indian mythology where art forms like Mithila paintings are related to Ramayana or in Indian history where each painting style, be it kalamkari or pichwai got its fame during different reigns rules and eras, each painting style and each motif involved in it has a deep-rooted historical significance. But one thing that has remained common in all these art forms is the technique of hand painting. 

If we keenly observe, each art form and the motifs used in them, are reflections of a period and culture. These motifs are inspired by the locally available flora and fauna, or patterns that are an inevitable part of their culture like Kolam in south Indian culture. The colour choices are mostly traditional. They are hues obtained from naturally available elements, such as mud, flower petals, etc.

The art of bringing print and weaving together is said to have begun in the time of the Indus valley civilization when the craft of weaving, dyeing and painting saw significant developments.