Janmashtami ‘23 - The Epic of Butter, Cows, and Wisdom


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Janmashtami ‘23 - The Epic of Butter, Cows, and Wisdom

The Gopala God

Festivals are happy occasions for people to come together in a spirit of camaraderie and celebrate life as an extravaganza. And the Indian pantheon of gods offers numerous instances of such divine celebrations. Krishna Jayanthi is one such festival celebrated across the length and breadth of India to commemorate the birthday of Krishna – the darling of the people, the divine prankster, the hearty friend, the passionate lover, the war strategist, the cult figure, the flute player par excellence, the sweet cow herd, the protector of people and the Supreme hero.

Janmashtami Origins

Krishna Avatar is by far the most adorable avatar among the Dasha Avatars (ten incarnations) of Maha Vishnu. Born to Vasudeva and Devaki on the rainy Ashtami midnight of the Krishna Paksha(waning phase of the moon) in the Shravan month in prison, Krishna was transferred to Gokul immediately for fear of being killed by his uncle Kamsa. This escape was nothing short of a miracle with the guards asleep and the turbulent Yamuna waters receding by way of letting Vasudeva go to Nanda and Yashoda at Gokul. Krishna grew up as the apple of his mother’s eye, the cynosure of all the Gopikas’ eyes, and the bosom buddy of all the Gopas (cow herds), such the love lavished upon him by one and all.

Party, Prayer, and Prosper

Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated with great pomp and splendour in all the states of India. Myriad events are held to create an atmosphere of gaiety and divinity and the air is abuzz with the holy chanting of the Krishna mantra. There is fasting till midnight, bathing, decorating the Krishna idol, offering bhog (a sumptuous variety of dishes), distribution of prasad, feasting, and then a razzle-dazzle of festivities.

Dahi-handi - an exclusive Krishna Jayanthi sport, Ras Leela - a beautiful depiction of divine, soulful love, melodious bhajans, and sonorous Bhagvath mantra chanting is all part of the Krishna Jayanthi festive gala raising the devotees to heights of divine ecstasy. Also a day to recognize prosperity, Janmashtami is much-awaited for numerous people across the world.

A Day True to His Character

Krishna can be lauded as an epic motivational Guru who practised what he preached. There is an air of lightness and mirth about his personality which makes him so endearing to the human heart. The Bhagvat Gita is a testament to the philosophy by which Krishna lived and a beautiful treatise on how life should be lived – not in a mundane manner passing through the days but mindfully moment to moment in ultimate exuberance. Gita chanting is a very important ritual on Krishna Jayanthi day and there are group chantings organized all over the country. Krishna Bhakti fervour dominates the air and the temples (which are decorated with flower strings, festoons, and lamps) are thronged by crowds.

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