How To Care For Your Sarees In Summer?


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How To Care For Your Sarees In Summer?

Sarees being a quintessential part of the women’s wardrobe, deserve special care to keep them precious and wearable for years to come. As the scorching summer heat approaches, they definitely require some extra care! When maintained properly, these beautiful sarees pass down from generation to generation. Understanding the nature of the fabric, dyes, and embellishments is crucial to knowing how to properly take care of them, especially during these sweltering summers. 

Opt for Breathable Fabrics

First this first. Choose sarees made from breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, chiffon, or lightweight silk blends. These fabrics can keep you cool and ultra-comfortable during the summer days. They also minimize the chance of sweat stains caused by trapping heat.

Wash Them Gently

Summers are always about the heat and sweat! Regular washing is essential to remove the sweat, dirt, and oils accumulated, when perspiration is unavoidable. However, a gentle approach to washing is recommended to preserve these delicate fabrics. Always prefer handwashing the sarees in cold water over machine washing them, as it offers better control and minimizes the risk of damage. 

Dry with Care

In this humid weather, proper drying methods should be used to prevent them from fading. Avoid hanging the sarees directly under the sun, as it may fade out the colors and weaken the threads. Dry them in a shaded air that has good airflow. If you're drying them indoors, ensure proper ventilation to prevent mildew formation. It's best to lay the saree flat or use a saree drying rack to prevent wrinkles and maintain the shape of the saree.

Storage Solutions

Store the sarees in breathable garment bags like cotton covers or muslin cloth covers. Keep the storage area more ventilated and away from sunlight. This shields the collection from dust and moisture while allowing air circulation for the garments to breathe. Also, refrain from overcrowding your wardrobe to prevent creasing and distortion of fabrics. 

Regular Maintenance:

During summer, it is essential to give your sarees some breathing room! Air out your sarees periodically to prevent them from developing a musty odor due to humidity, keeping your sarees fresh and odor-free. Gently shake them out and refold them along different lines to avoid creases and maintain their shape. Additionally, check for any stains or spills and spot-clean them immediately using a mild detergent to prevent them from setting.

Beware of Moths

Summer is the prime time for pesky moths to havoc on your precious collection. You can store your sarees with natural moth repellants like neem leaves, cloves, and camphor tied in a small cloth and kept in the corners of your wardrobe. Regularly inspect your storage space for any signs of pests and take preventive measures immediately.

Invest in Sweat Pads

It’s natural for our body to produce excessive amounts of sweat in summer. These skin-friendly adhesive pads can be easily attached to the underarms of your blouse which provides an extra layer of protection between the skin and your saree. This makes sure that the sweat gets absorbed preventing the stains from ruining the beautiful fabric.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your saree collection stays cool, fresh, and fabulous this summer. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the beauty and elegance of your sarees, so don't skimp on the TLC! 

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