Holi 2024 - A Chronicle of Colours, Cuisine, and Clothing


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Holi 2024 - A Chronicle of Colours, Cuisine, and Clothing

History and Significance

What is life without colours? The seven colours of the spectrum breathe life into our existence and enrich it with amazing visual luxury and vibrancy. The Holi festival is all about the celebration of colours. It is the harbinger of the spring season when the beautiful earth prepares itself for the vernal bloom and bursts into a riot of hues. The festival is named after Holika, a demon who tries to burn Prahlad, her nephew, at the behest of her brother Hiranyakashipu, but burns in the pyre instead, by the intervention of divine forces which save Prahlad. The legend is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. So Holi is the time of celebration, revelry, and ultimate indulgence.

Celebrations on The Day of Colours

Indians turn their bodies into gorgeous canvasses on Holiday with the splash of bright colours - golden yellows, ruddy reds, exuberant pinks, and ballistic blues. They don white dresses (sarees, kurtas, and pants) to be sprayed with delightful colours from the pichkaaris (squirt guns) and make India the most colourful place on the planet on this day. Centuries ago, these colours came from natural plant pigments and were safe, but today we should choose our Holi shades with caution. It is a visual treat to watch people parading the streets like a tableau of tones with squirt guns, happy faces, and uninhibited spirits. A wave of celebratory contagion spreads in leaps and bounds to dispel doom and fill the atmosphere with happiness and gay abandon.

Gastronomy on Holi

What is an Indian festival without delectable delicacies to delight the palate? For the ‘muh meetha’ tradition, there are the juicy Gujiyas, Jalebis, and Rasmalais; for savouries we have crispy Samosas, soft Bhajyas, crunchy Matris, and spongy Dahi Vadas. And to add a decadent punch, there is ‘Thandai’, a sumptuous milk concoction flavoured with almonds, watermelon kernels, rose petals, poppy seeds, cardamom powder, and a whole lot of yummy, fragrant spices. With its nutty flavor and heady aroma, the thandai is also packed with the goodness of important vitamins and minerals. And Holi is incomplete without Bhang (an adult-only drink) with the infusion of cannabis to make the colours brighter and the ambience more roary, boisterous, and sweetly rowdyish.

Sarees to Pick Out This Holi

After taking on the splash and squirt of colours on white garments, people have a long and luxurious bath and then dress themselves up for fulfilled Holi parties; women in grand Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Kantha, Tanchoi, and Patola silks and men in traditional Kurta Pyjamas. After all, the ‘Bharatiya Naari’ spares neither effort nor expense to buy herself a traditional silk saree, to drape on festival days and occasions; Holi is no different. The celebration of colours is best done by wearing opulent sarees in striking, dazzling colours.

Heritage of Colours

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