Easing Into the Post-Festive Wear


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Easing Into the Post-Festive Wear

A Festive Hangover

The festival season just passed, filling our minds and hearts with a great sense of joy, warmth, and contentment. Lots of prayers, lighting of diyas, sampling of decadent food, freshening up of our homes with eye-catching décor, and draping ourselves with the best silken finery – all boxes were ticked in the celebration department. And what follows is the urge to embrace simplicity, a simple meal of dal and rice, a humble functional minimalistic home with all décor pieces packed and stored away, and a dress that is super comfy and allows you to move, run or lounge easily.

Ushering-in Comfort

Post the Navarathri and Diwali gala, everyone is back to work, to the routine humdrum of daily life in comfortable clothes. But comfort wear doesn’t have to be boring; it could be fun, fanciable, and fascinating. Simple sarees, salwar suits, skirts, or trouser tops, with the correct choice of the material they are tailored in, make all the difference. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and jute are absorbent materials, and sarees and dresses made out of these keep the body well-aerated and light. A cotton or silk saree pleated neatly and secured with a bobby pin or safety pin at the shoulder, presents a picture of easy elegance, poise, and comfort.

Cotton to the Rescue!

Cotton sarees are the best for post-festive wear and they come in a riveting range of colours and textures. Kanchipuram Cottons, Kerala Cottons, Uppada Cottons, Chanderi Cottons, Bengal, and Sambalpuri Cottons, are all dainty, light, and easy to wear. Also, hemp and jute are new stars on the horizon; so much so that jute sarees are widely seen even in the fashion circuits today. Cotton or jute sarees worn with simple, high-necked, collared, or sleeveless blouses are perfect for office wear or lounge wear. Accessorizing with small danglers in the ears, a simple string of beads, and a metal casing watch, you are good to go like an ethereal fairy in the woods.

Tone The Silk Down

Silk sarees don’t have to be dressy, glitzy, and glam always. Plain or printed silk sarees are great for normal office wear and easy home wear. Even after a long day's wear, they remain soft, shin, and crisp and the sheen and crease of the pleats remain intact. The soft, smooth pliable nature of silk adds several notches to the comfort factor. Let go of the embroideries, stone and bead embellishments, and zari works, and you have a saree that you can wear for work, lounging, exercise, and even sleeping in! Keeping accessories at a minimum and pairing them with not-so-tight, airy blouses, ups the cosiness and snugness factor of silk saree-wear.

Post-Festive Shopping

So our shopping spree does not necessarily have to end with a festival, it can certainly stretch beyond that for breezy-cheery sarees which will keep you in top-class comfort and help you breathe easy. Take a peek into Tulsi Madras’ pretty plethora of charismatic cotton, piquant prints, and luscious linens. Drape these soft and authentic sarees on yourself for a wonderful after-festive, alluring feel. Alternatively, you could select fabric for skirts, salwar suits, or pants from the sumptuous supply of dress material and get them tailored into dainty dresses of your choice.