Caring for Your Silk Saree Like A Professional


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Caring for Your Silk Saree Like A Professional

Kanchipurams are Treasures

The traditional Kanchipuram silk saree is a flowy, fabulous dream garment created from the figment of a master weaver's imagination. He gives colours to his creation in his mind first and then sets up the loom for the warp and weft process of weaving. And then the iridescent, luminous yarn undergoes the transformatory process to become a beautiful, buttery masterpiece. Women draped in Kanchipuram silk sarees are a perfect picture of sartorial elegance. The saree bestows upon them such an aura of regality and divinity that they glow from inside out. Every Kanchipuram saree is a treasure to be preserved in all its glory and grandeur to last for a great length of time.

Proper Storage

Happiness is the greatest of treasures but owning and cherishing a wardrobe or a chest full of Kanchipuram sarees is happiness of a different kind, involving a rigorous regimen too. Here are a few tips for storing those treasures in impeccable condition.

  1. Wrap the saree in a cottony or muslin material to preserve the sheen and gloss
  2. Have a designated storage space exclusively for Kanchipuram silk sarees
  3. Air the sarees and change the folds once in a while for de-creasing
  4. Avoid hangers because the creases formed by hanging cannot be smoothened out easily
  5. Stylish cloth bags in breathable material are available for ideal storage

Washing Is Caring

Washing a Kanchipuram silk saree is a gentle act with delicate hands, but can be a daunting task too. A very mild shampoo or soap nut powder dissolved in water can be used for washing so as not to damage the gentle fabric. Oil stains can be treated with talcum powder and washed with mild soap. Coffee and tea stains can be gently rubbed away using a drop of petrol and a soft-bristled brush.

Wringing after washing is a strict no-no as it will bring about permanent creasing. So the washed saree can be rolled in a towel and then left out to dry in a cool dry shade. These processes will ensure that the saree remains in its pristine condition for a long time.

Ironing the Kanchipuram Saree

After a gentle wash comes the ironing process before the saree is put away in the wardrobe. A light hand without exerting much pressure is the way to go in the process of ironing. Using a steam iron would be ideal and this will enable the removal of the creases most effectively. A soft cotton cloth should be spread upon the Kanchipuram silk saree before the ironing process if high heat is used. Care should be taken not to stress the soft silk fabric or stretch it out of shape. This process sure seems intimidating but what can’t be mastered with repeated practice and habitude?

Wrapping Up

An Indian woman carries herself with so much grace and poise in a Kanchipuram silk saree for any occasion, be it a wedding, travel, office work, household work, board room conference, college or school lecture, political debate, or a dance performance. Sarees are sold in multitudes and worn by millions of our Indian women every day. So it is only mandatory that we know how to care for our treasure box Kanchipuram silk sarees, preserve them in an immaculate condition, and bequeath them to our posterity as invaluable heirlooms. Especially if you carry a saree from Tulsi Madras, it would make a ton of sense to care for it deeply.