An Ethnic Delight: Korvai Kanjivaram


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An Ethnic Delight: Korvai Kanjivaram

Over the aeons, the saree has been a ubiquitous presence in the cultural landscape of India. Be it a grandiose wedding event, a solemn and serene religious gathering or a public celebratory gala, the enchanting sight of a comely Indian woman, clad in a stunning, shimmery silk saree is certainly a pleasant vision to behold.

The Silkiness from South India

From immaculate Ikkat silks to gorgeous Gadhwals, bewitching Banarasis to charming Chanderis, magnificent Mysore silks to pleasing Paithanis, the plethora of silk sarees available in India is simply awesome. The crème-de-la crème in this wide array is however, the fantastic Kanchipuram silk saree originating from the beautiful temple town of Kanchipuram in south India - the Korvai weave, and it bags the top-notch in beauty and antiquity.

The Korvai Kanchipuram sarees have a vintage look and feel about them, with the body and border of the sarees interlocked in a unique, intricate weaving pattern. The word Korvai in Tamil means ‘in sync’ and this weaving technique demands a finesse of craftsmanship and a deftness of the weaving hand. The select band of Korvai weavers have perfected this art of weaving over centuries.

Finest Silk, Zari & Motifs

Korvai sarees are made from the finest mulberry silk yarn, which lends a smooth and unwrinkled weave to the sarees and a luster and sheen beyond comparison. The Zari used is of pure gold and silver, so the sarees come with a slightly high price tag. The motifs employed are inspired by the beautiful and intricate carvings and sculptures found in the ancient temples of Kanchipuram.

There are also motifs garnered from everyday life scenes like temple gopuram (spires), swans, peacocks, lotus, raindrops, parrots, mangoes etc. Designs are drawn from geometrical shapes too – roundels (buttas), straight and wavy lines (veldhari) and two-tone and multi-coloured checkered designs.

The Korvai Touch

The color palette of Korvai kanjivaram sarees is yet another wonderful feature. They come in ravishing color combinations catering to all styles, traditional (yellow-maroon, orange-green, blue-pink) or contemporary (mauve – lilac, soft pink – sky blue, lavender – leaf green) and the possibilities are endless. The combination and contrast of colors is greatly enhanced by the Korvai weaving technique.

The feel of the Korvai saree is smooth, satiny and buttery. The drape falls well on the body, amping up the elegance factor and accentuating the figure. The material is so soft and pliable, that when worn it produces a whispery rustle. These sarees can be styled in myriad ways too. Look classic in a Korvai Kanchipuram saree paired with a high neck – puff-sleeved blouse and temple jewellery. Add an oomph factor to your outfit by wearing a Korvai saree with a jacket blouse, chunky jewelry, and a sequined belt. Wear the saree as a lehenga (skirt) with uniform pleats neatly tucked in around the waist and pair it with a kurta for a traditional look or with a bustier for a trendy look. You can let your imagination run riot and create a host of looks with the Korvai sarees.

Wrapping Up

The Korvai Kanchipuram saree is definitely a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe to wear, cherish and create an aura of magic about her personality. And it goes without saying that the allure of a silk saree is forever. To get your hands on one of the top-rated Korvai Kanjivaram saree collections in South India, head over to a Tulsi Madras store near you and feel the silky difference.