A Maternal Emotion: Sarees


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A Maternal Emotion: Sarees

A Nostalgic Emotion

Can you think of anyone in the world who makes you feel safe, special, cared for, valued, and loved all at the same time? Yes, that’s definitely the mother. Mothers are the bedrock of our family, they are treasure chests where you can easily hide away your deepest thoughts and feelings, and they are the epitome of care. 

For young girls growing up around their mothers, their maternal relationships are wound tightly by cauldrons of emotion. Once these girls grow up and go far away from their mothers, the pangs of separation slowly start to creep in. But with just a dot of bhindi, a shimmer of a trinket on her ears, and a drape of saree - she brings her mother right back into her life and heart.

Mom Does It Best

There is a reason why the adage “Mom Does It Best” is so darn popular. Mothers were (and still are) able to drape sarees in one-tenth of the time it takes for millennial and Gen-Z girls to do the same thing. They had the finest taste in the saree selection, whatever the occasion; whether they had to pick out a Kanchipuram, a Cotton, or an Ikkat silk sarees they knew exactly what type, material, texture, zari work, and colour to look out for!

Wearing mom’s sarees is always special. There are undoubtedly a few emotions that go flying the moment you don your mother’s saree: you become cosy in maternal love, you picturize her wearing the saree in the olden days and realise how stunning she would’ve looked, and finally, you feel grateful for being able to wear her saree.

Whatever the occasion, throwing on your mom’s sarees is guaranteed to give you a distinctive look. You may open your mother’s wardrobe and find that she wore an Arakku saree for her wedding. Something as simple as draping it on yourself can give you magical vibes. Or you could use her hand-me-down Pachai Kili cotton saree for your first housewarming ceremony that she wore for her first. Don’t forget to cover up in her Thamarai Poo Kanchipuram stunner for your ethnic day at the office and give her a call just before leaving home.

How to Reuse Mom’s Collection

So your mom has bequeathed a traditional collection of sarees, and you want to give them a trendy twist. Change up the old-school blouse for a butterfly pattern to dazzle. Or if you still want to keep your look traditional, choose a puff-sleeve blouse. There are other blouse types like fringe, jacket-style, and back neck knot that you could explore to keep your mother’s fashion sense while staying in sync with the times.

Mixing up colour combinations with her own blouse pieces is another great way to let Mom know that her sarees are very dear to you. And if you happen to take her with you to a relative’s wedding, show her that by styling her saree with high heels, tote bags, and simple jewellery, you can rock the look just as well as she did back in the day!

Swaddling Yourself in Mom’s Memories

Be it a Saraswati Pooja, a farewell day at university, or Mother’s Day, bring back your mom’s memories by sporting one of her sarees and clicking some snaps. If your mom is around town, there is no better occasion than this Mother’s Day, to make it extra special by picking out a gift for her from Tulsi Madras.