A Fable of Kanchi Kalamkaris


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A Fable of Kanchi Kalamkaris

Kalamkari Kanchipuram Silk Sarees : Origins

Kalamkari is the unique art of drawing pictures on fabric and colouring them with natural dyes, the entire procedure is beautifully handworked. It is native to the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where it originated hundreds of years ago. The word Kalamkaris is derived from the Persian word Qalam which means pen and so a design hand-sketched and painted ornately on a piece of fabric is typically kalamkari. Sri Kalahasti and Machilipattanam in Andhra Pradesh specialise in the production of Kalamkari material.

About the Prints & Motifs

The Kanchipuram Kalamkari is a magnificent blend of two titanic South Indian fabrics and art forms, the traditional kanjivaram sarees with Kalamkari art etched upon it in an intricate and exquisite style. The Kanchi Kalamkari sarees look resplendent and rich with portrayals of stories from the great Indian epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Puranas. Recently stories from Buddhist iconography are also depicted as Kalamkari designs.

The Kalamkari artists painstakingly create the designs with bamboo pens for days at length; then do the colouring process with exclusive natural colours. The motifs employed include human, animal, forest, floral, leaf, swan, peacock, and lotus themes, cast bold and dainty. Such folksy, homey, simple themes lend an air of earthiness and subdued grandeur to the saree.

Styling Kalamkari Kanchipuram's

Bring out the fashionista in you for styling a Kanchi Kalamkari saree which is the hottest trend in town. You can dress it up or dress it down with the help of accessories. A Kalamkari saree paired with a classic, long-sleeved, matching, silk blouse and antique gold jewellery will bring about an aristocratic, royal look of poise and dignity; whereas pairing it with a halter sequin top with trendy jewellery will confer a glam and jazzy look.

Caring for Kalamkaris

Kanchi Kalamkari sarees are prized possessions and we buy them as keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime. They are hand-painted, finespun and pricey and so have to be taken care of, in a delicate way. They can be hand washed gently with a dip and rinse in a pail of salt water as salt helps in minimising colour bleeds. Very mild cleaning agents, preferably baby shampoos can be used for washing and post wash they should be flat dried in shade. Ironing should also be a gentle process done by laying a soft cloth over the saree, to prevent overheating. Regular reverse folding while hanging them in the wardrobes prevents creasing.

Tulsi Madras Colours of Kalamkaris

Come to Tulsi Madras to indulge yourself in shopping for some fab Kanchi Kalamkari sarees. They are exquisitely crafted from the finest silk by accomplished master weavers, using an array of natural and earthy colours like idyllic indigo, rusty reds, grassy greens, opulent ochres and lustrous yellows. Such a well-crafted saree is nothing but a work of art exuding a subtle magnificence and refined elegance with an aura of regal brilliance.